We’ve all been there…

You start a new job, work from a different office or need to print something from another device, and the simple task of printing your document becomes a huge hassle. You either have to wait for the IT team to install the correct printer drivers, send your document to someone else to print for you (not ideal, particularly if it’s of a sensitive nature) or just give up!

It’s all too common in the holiday park industry. Team members who roam between locations or work remotely and occasionally visit your head office or parks will be familiar with the pain of trying to print from somewhere they’re not always based.

Imagine if everyone had automatic access to their location’s printers as soon as they walk through the door allowing them to print anything, on any printer, from any device. A completely hassle-free experience for your team while saving so much time (and money) too!

Cloud printing is the modern day solution to secure, easy and cost effective print management. Businesses can manage and control printing operations allowing their team members to access printers from anywhere with an internet connection.

Key benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits:

  • Reduce costs with simplified infrastructure
    Moving printing operations to the cloud eliminates the need for traditional on-premises print servers significantly reducing infrastructure costs, services, support and maintenance fees.
  • Team productivity and convenience
    There’s no time wasted installing print drivers. Automatic discovery of print networks with intelligent print driver selection and an intuitive user experience gives team members immediate, flexible and seamless access to print to any printer.
  • Mobile print
    When printers are enabled for mobile print, you can print from desktop computers, laptops, phones and tablets.
  • Supports roaming users
    With hybrid working now common practice, users who roam between locations are able to print as soon as they’ve connected their device to the wifi.
  • Secure printing
    Team members who regularly print confidential documents benefit from secure print release via smartphone authentication, PIN code or ID card to ensure their printed documents don’t end up in the wrong hands.
  • Enforcing printing policies
    Help your team take ownership of their environmental impact and encourage responsible printing by setting double-sided printing in black and white as standard.
  • Scalability and flexibility
    Easily add or remove printers and users as your needs changing without worrying about capacity or performance issues.


While it’s clear that cloud printing offers businesses a modern approach to managing and controlling printing operations with many benefits, it also brings new security risks which must be considered.

  • Choose a trusted cloud provider
    Choose a trusted provider with a strong reputation for security. Look for providers with certifications such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2. If you work with a managed service provider they’ll do this research for you and recommend the best solution.
  • Authenticate users and devices
    To prevent unauthorised access it’s important to authenticate users and devices. Users should be required to enter a username and password. Multi-factor authentication can also provide an additional layer of security if documents of a sensitive nature are printed regularly.
  • Implement access controls
    Access controls can help to protect sensitive date. For example, businesses can restrict certain printers to only be accessible by specific departments or individuals.
  • Regularly update systems
    All systems used for cloud printing should be kept up-to-date with the latest updates and security patches. Regularly scanning for vulnerabilities and addressing any issues can help to ensure continued security.

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